Monthly, 194 billion, potentially deadly PPE are being discarded (according to Environmental Science and Technology) Face masks And Gloves Dramatically Reduce This Problem

BreatheSafe.Life believes that very few understand that traditional masks, regardless of cost and quality, once worn, become a source for cross-contamination. Touching the outside of a traditional mask, means that you could expose yourself and others to hazardous Bio Waste.

Recent data published on SARS-CoV-2 survivability on hospital PPE observed viable virus up to 21 days post inoculation on both plastic and N95 mask material when held at room temperature.

Breathesafe Face Mask Protective Layers

3 layers offering 5 levels of

The 3 layers work in continuous combination,
protecting both the wearer and others. This applies only to the Safety and Defend masks. The Activity mask does incorporate the Livinguard technology with killing action.

The masks neutralize microbes on contact.

Hence the cascading risk of cross contamination is eliminated preventing the spread and infection with and by viruses and bacteria.

technology with microbe killer and filtering action.

How does the mask work?

Outer layer

Middle layer

Inner Layer

Circular Continuous Protection

1. Capture

The Breathesafe masks have ~24 billion charges per square centimeter. This is like a magnet for viruses and bacteria. As  a positive “magnet” for the negative viruses and bacteria. Upon contact, these microbes attach themselves to the textile.

2. Destroy

The positively charged “magnet” is more powerful than the negative charge of the microbes. The microbes give up and explode. The bacterial and yeast cell walls and the viral protein capsids or envelopes are disrupted, and the now harmless insides leak out and disintegrate.

3. Repeat

Once the microbes are destroyed, they have no charge left. They fall off or can be washed off. The charges they attached to are freed. The material continues working with this revolutionary neutralizing power of breadth (variety of germs), efficacy (number of germs), speed, and durability.


Livinguard is working towards authorization from the FDA for claims that appear on the website.

Currently, the products are not approved for any such claims in the United States.

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