Bringing virus and bacteria neutralizing technology to a wide range of materials and textile applications

Protected by a patented virus neutralizing textile

Pathogen & Odor neutralizing Textiles
T-Shirts & Polo's including Face masks

The virus that causes COVID-19;
can remain on surfaces for up to 28 days, and 21 days on N95 Masks.
In cold environments, such as meat packing facilities and frozen food warehouses, the virus remains active indefinitely!

Continuous long lasting protection
Neutralizes microbes on impact
No leaching or poisonous chemicals
No metals used as in traditional antimicrobial treatments
Prevents Cross Contamination
Minimal ECO Impact


With patented Livinguard Technology that continuously captures and kills bacteria and viruses

Amazing Things for You

1 mask = 210 uses / Disposable masks

  • Sustainable
  • Social impact
  • Continuous killing action
  • Washable-reusable face mask
  • Permanent hygiene

The washable face mask provides continuous killing action for viruses and bacteria. Multi-use and wash-ability equals a single unit alternative compared to 210 disposable masks reducing the environmental impact.

You can protect yourself with optimal and true killer action technology of microbes and help the environment at the same time. Hence contamination through disposable masks is prevented.
The Ultimate Protection Breathesafe Glove
Breathesafe Glove
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Livinguard Technology manufactured globally including the USA

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How can we help you protect your business and customers

We enable high volume users to make an impact on their business such as airlines, hotel chains, medical facilities, local & national government organizations to protect their employees and customers with the best mask on the market

Preventing Cross Contamination and Biohazards

One of the biggest misconceptions is that just using a mask, and in some cases gloves, saves lives! Though wearing a mask can indeed save lives, the problem is that there is no adequate public awareness addressing the common, at times fatal, misconception about the Bio Waste created when masks and gloves are taken off or are discarded. BreatheSafe.Life’s virus neutralizing masks and gloves are safe to handle; these are not biowaste!

BreatheSafe.Life’s products neutralize any virus, including the virus that causes the Covid-19 pandemic, virtually on contact, rendering accidentally touched and/or discarded masks “safe” to touch, and thus, preventing the dreaded cross contamination which is prevalent with nearly all traditional masks. There are a few metal-based virus neutralizing masks on the market, but heavy metals can cause serious lung tissue issues. BreatheSafe.Life’s products are protected by safe, proven effective Livinguard technology; these contain no hazardous metals. See lab results on See the website for test data and technical information. BeatheSafe.Life’s materials can be safely recycled as the gloves are fabric and the masks fabric merely have a metal nose-brace. The BreatheSafe.Life masks and gloves are also economical, as these can be safely worn for extended periods of time and washed in cold water for up to 210 uses, preserving the environment besides reducing the spread of viruses.

BreatheSafe.Life believes that very few understand that traditional masks, regardless of cost and quality, once worn, become a source for cross-contamination. Touching the outside of a traditional mask, means that you could expose yourself and others to hazardous Bio Waste. Monthly, 194 billion, potentially deadly PPE are being discarded (accordingto Environmental Science and Technology).


Livinguard is working towards authorization from the FDA for claims that appear on the website.

Currently, the products are not approved for any such claims in the United States.

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