Reusable and washable Masks / Gloves

A revolutionary virus-deactivating technology in a soft, comfortable, lightweight mask

Protected by Patented Livinguard Technology

Our virus neutralizing masks and gloves are safe to handle;
these are not biowaste!

The virus that causes COVID-19;
can remain on surfaces for up to 28 days, and 21 days on K95 Masks.
In cold environments, such as meat packing facilities and frozen food warehouses, the virus remains active indefinitely!

Continuous long lasting protection
Neutralizes microbes on impact
No leaching or poisonous chemicals
No metals used as in traditional antimicrobial treatments
Prevents Cross Contamination
Minimal ECO Impact
BreatheSafe covid-19 face mask livinguard technology
breathesafe mask


With patented Livinguard Technology that continuously captures and kills bacteria and viruses

Amazing Things for You

1 mask = 210 uses / Disposable masks

  • Sustainable
  • Social impact
  • Continuous killing action
  • Washable-reusable
  • Permanent hygiene

The face mask provides continuous killing action for viruses and bacteria. Multi-use and wash-ability equals a single unit alternative compared to 210 disposable masks reducing the environmental impact.

You can protect yourself with optimal and true killer action technology of microbes and help the environment at the same time. Hence contamination through disposable masks is prevented.
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Livinguard Technology manufactured globally including the USA

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How can we help you protect your business and customers

We enable high volume users to make an impact on their business such as airlines, hotel chains, medical facilities, local & national government organizations to protect their employees and customers with the best mask on the market


Livinguard is working towards authorization from the FDA for claims that appear on the website.

Currently, the products are not approved for any such claims in the United States.

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